About Us

Akbak Spare Parts About
Our company, which specializes in Renault and Dacia spare brands, which are also authorized dealers, is different and ambitious in the field with its rich spare parts range, modern and user-friendly online solutions and customer-oriented principle.
Akbak Inc. About
Akbak Tourism Industry and Trade Inc. Since 1991, it has been operating in the automotive sector. Currently, Hyundai, Renault and Dacia authorized dealerships in 3 different facilities in Ankara; sales of new cars, mechanical and bodywork, wholesale and retail spare parts and accessories, second-hand automobiles, insurance brokerage, auto aesthetic services. Akbak Inc. is a subsidiary of Akbak Group.
About Akbak Group
In the early 1960s, our family elders, Hacı İsmail Akbak, and his family, a family owned subsidiary of the late Hacı Mustafa Akbak, founded the late Hacı Mustafa Akbak.

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